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01 – 08 June, 2014
“For The People, For The Planet, And For The Animals”

Park Hotel Persey – Varna (Bulgaria)

The venue for the 14th International Vegan Festival is the 3* Persey Hotel in Varna (the seaside capital of Bulgaria), 250 metres from the shore of the Black Sea and just 5 km from the centre of Varna close to the main road to Golden Sands Resort, to which there is a regular bus service from a stop 200m from the hotel, where all rooms have private bathrooms.
The bulgarian seaside capital Varna is magic during the summer, and you can combine your holidays in the tempting blacksea coast with the marvelous International Vegan Festival in the wonderful Persey hotel, which is so much in demand, that it is all year long full of international guests. The picturesque park with century-old trees, the fresh sea breeze and the cozy atmosphere turn Park-Hotel Persey into a suitable place for a relaxing stay and complete rest all year long.
The hotel offers free of charge for its guests: fitness hall, Internet, children’s corner and open swimming pool with a section for kids. Further it offers: sauna, solarium, individual safe box at the reception desk, rent-a-car, room service. The hotel has a large guarded parking (for 150 cars), which can be used at preferential prices for cars and buses of the hotel guests. An elite guard company ensures the safety of the guests.

The 14th International Vegan Festival starts with arrival and registration of participants on Sunday 1 June and continues until departure on Sunday 8 June. However if you cannot attend the whole Festival you may book for any period between 1 and 8 June. It is also possible to arrive earlier and/or depart later in order to extend your holiday and enjoy a few extra days by the sea.

The Festival includes full board at the hotel (breakfast, lunch and dinner), with a varied vegan menu (including a lot of raw food). The vegan cook is Kayode Bryant,
The Festival motto is “For People, For The Planet, For The Animals”, and the program will cover all matters relating to vegan nutrition, its benefits and its positive social and environmental impact, including the ethical, ecological, educational and scientific aspects of veganism in stark contrast to the cruel unsustainable model of animal-food production and the health and environmental problems of the consumption and exploitation of animals.

Please book till the middle of May for a 7-night stay at the hotel with full board from Sunday 1 June until departure on Sunday 8 June. The total cost per person for a bed (in a single/double room, a maisonette or a flat) is €450. The deposit is €200 and the remaining €250 is payable on arrival. Please let us know in what type of room you wish to stay and note that there are not many single rooms.
It may be possible for you to stay at this wonderful hotel after 8 June or arrive earlier than 1 June if you let us know soon:
There is no charge for children under 5 and children between 6 and 12 pay half price, i.e. €225.

To make your reservation please send your deposit of €200 to the Commerzbank account in Germany of Lubomir Stoyanov (the festival organizer), indicating the IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT identification for international transfers, your full name, postal address, e-mail address, and if you are bringing children, their names and ages:

IBAN: DE69 5134 0013 0211 1953 00

If you can play a music instrument, please let us know, then we can maybe make a vegan band for the International Vegan Festival.

The program for the 14th International Vegan Festival will cover global nutrition and health, including the ethical, environmental, educational and scientific aspects of veganism, especially a healthier and more compassionate vegan food ethic and lifestyle that takes into account the needs and interests of others. The benefits of rational food habits will be highlighted as well as the dangers of the present food model, which is ethically, ecologically and socially unsustainable.

Festival excursion

Included in the price of the 14th International Vegan Festival is a sightseeing trip to the famous Balchik Palace/botanical garden in Balchik, which is one of the main attractions on the north coast and one of Bulgaria’s 100 top tourist sites. Balchik Palace was constructed between 1926 and 1937, when Romania controlled the region, for Queen Marie of Romania. The palace complex consists of a number of residential villas, a smoking hall, a wine cellar, a power station, a monastery, a holy spring, a chapel and many other buildings, as well as most notably a park, which is now a state-run botanical garden.

The information about IVF 14 will be regularly updated. If you have any questions we shall be pleased to answer them, and we look forward to seeing you at the 14th International Vegan Festival in June.

Lubomir Stoyanov and Kirsten Jungsberg